Favorite song from the album "Lost Reality"


Favorite songs from the album Waiting for Tomorrow


February, 15,  2018

We glad to inform abour return of our lady-keyboardist Xenia Fox!!! Welcome back!

December, 19,

Your opinion is very important for us. Please choose your favorite songs from the new album. You may vote for several songs

Favorite songs from the album "Lost Reality"










November, 23,  2017

Well guys, we are ready to announce the release date of our new album. Lost Reality will be released on December, 8 on Soyuz Music label
September, 12,  2017

Well, boys and girls we have finished mixing and mastering of our new album. Again it was made by real professional, virtuoso musician, producer, composer and simply wonderful person legendary Roland Grapow (Masterplan, ex-Helloween). He mae perfect sound of our new work. You will like it, we're sure;)

And  special thanks to Roland for his hospitality. Work with him is a pleasure.
Thanks Roland, you are the best
March, 30,  2017

Well, main part of work is done. We have finished all recording sessions. Yeah!

Special thanks to Dmitriy Borisenkov (Black Obelisk), at whose studio we recorded vocals and who helped us so much!

Next step is mixing;)


March, 24,  2017

We are working together again! Alice Bejinski will take part in recording of our new album! I'm a big fan of her voice and so glad that Alice contributed to our creativity

February, 4,  2017

Hello dears! We have good news for you. Now we are in the middle of working on our second album. We have a lot of new songs we prepared for you. We almost finished recording of instrumental part of our album. Guys work hard. I impressed of Pavel's perfectionism and Vladimir's capacity for work. Also we have a good new experience of work with our new keyboard player Alexander. He's a real virtuoso and you will see it. We have many good ideas, part of them was born during the recording sessions. Moreover not only me took part in composing of new materials. And you will be able to listen to songs of other guys. We also have several surprises, but I will tell about them later:)

Keep Rocking 

April, 09,  2018

It's a tradtion already. In April we play with Royal Hunt again. In Moscow and Saint Petersburgh.
February, 12,  2018

On February, 17, Crimson Cry will open the show of legendary Masterplan in Moscow
December, 8,  2017

Hello dears. Well, today is a day of release!!! Lost Reality is out now!

Album is already available on Itunes and Google play.

For buying a CD please contact me (please note if you need it with signature):

We can send a CD all over the world
Enjoy my friends:)

September, 25,  2017

Design of the new album made by our good friend Katrin Antares.

Track-list of the album:
1. Stormwind
2. Burning My Soul
3. No More Lies
4. Believe in Nothing
5. Falling in Love
6. Firestorm
7. Borderline
8. Fear
9. Lost Reality
10. Abode of Evil
11. Whever I Go (bonus)

Waiting for release;)
April, 3,  2017

And special guest of our album (who doesn't know yet).
John West, fantastic singer, who influenced me like nobody else, will take part in recording of our new album. It's a great honor for me to work with so wonderful person. Thank you so much John!
March, 29,  2017

Another guest of our new album - great singer Anna Imbris. We worked together with Crimson Cry for a several years and it's obvious that we invited her to take part in our new work:)

March, 6,  2017

Started to record vocals today. At the Black Obelisk studio, like past time

February, 11,  2016

It happens again. Third time:)

On April, 2, Crimson Cry will support Royal Hunt in Izvestia Hall (Moscow). We will perform the best songs from our album.

P.S. Also the dates of upcoming shows was updated in "Shows"


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