December, 02,  2015
 Here they are!
Our album Waiting for Tomorrow is out on CD on Soyuz Music Label

Thanks to all who helped us in work, inspired us and to all who was near us!

I will inform about the points of sale later. And now for order you can send me a mail (we can send CD anywhere in the world).

Become one the first owners of our CD, edition is limited!

Sincerely yours, Alex K. Strangel.

November, 10,  2015
 So, our album is already available in iTunes and
Google play.
Now waiting for CD.

Track list of the album:
1. Waiting for Tomorrow
2. You Need a Hero
3. The Prisoners
4. Strangel
5. When I Have Met You
6. Bloody Rain
7. Phoenix Flight
8. Fight till the End
9. Paradox People
10. Walking Alone
11. Don't Waste Your Time (bonus track)

September, 07,  2015
 We approach to our aim closer and closer. And soon the date of release will be announced

And now please enjoy our new video for the song from the album

Also interview for the was published (only in Russian unfortunately)

April, 17, 2015
 And now we came back from out funny trip to Slovakia. But the main thing is we have a master-CD of our debut album. We are grateful to Roland Grapow for the wonderful mixing and mastering. He is a true professional!!!

Special thanks of course for his hospitality. Nevertheless not every day we can drink beer with legends of metal and listen to funny stories from him:)

Follow the events!

December, 23, 2014
 Dear friends, sorry there were no any information from us last time. We were full of work and now we have good news for you.

After two years of hard work and many difficulties we at last have finished recording of our album!

And now all recorded material is being sent to sunny Slovakia to the greatest musician - legendary Roland Grapow (Masterplan, ex-Helloween). I think he will make a miracle turning this bunch of sounds into good mix:)

And meanwhile stay tuned.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! And waiting all of us at the upcoming show in January!

Keep Rocking!

March, 07, 2014
 Due to some reasons our bassist Pavel Viking will not be able to take part in the upcoming show.

Fortunately our good friend has agreed to share this triumph. It's a great musician and simply remarkable man Dmitry Trofimov (Short-Stay Mission, ex-Eclipse Hunter)

March, 06, 2014
 And the event of the year!
It seems that something the same has happened a couple of years ago:)

On March 23 Crimson Cry will play again on support of legendary Royal Hunt!
It's a great honor for us!

Waiting for you all at the concert! Let's make this show unbelievable together!

February, 06, 2014
 Another one outstanding guest has taken part in work at our album. Please welcome - talented singer, musician and composer, movie and theater actor Kirill Solenov.

We've been going to work together and sooner or later we will realize something really joint:) And for the time being Kirill has made a small but significant contribution to our debut album.

Thank you Kirill!

February, 04, 2014
 We decided to add a little piece of the beautiful into our music. And what can be better than a sound of violin. Wonderful violinist Marina Polyakova has coped with her role on our album perfectly.

She has felt our music and made so needed atmosphere with her noble instrument.

January, 09, 2014
 Friends please welcome the second guest on our album - Andre Osokin (ex-Eclipse Hunter).
Simply once when I had been listening to one of our recorded songs I understood that wanted to hear his keyboards in it
I'm so glad that Andre agreed to contribute to the recording. I think he has ideally complemented our music where necessary.

December, 22, 2013
 Want to present our first guest, who takes part in recording of our album. It's a great singer Alice Bejinski (Ximenia). Being a big fan of her voice I invited Alice to supplement our songs with her magnificent vocal.

December, 13,  2013
 Another one interesting event. Now we are in stage of vocals' recording and we are glad to inform that we record in legendary Black Obelisk Studio under conducting of great musician, first-class sound engineer and simply good man - Dmitriy Borisenkov

December, 1,  2013
 Now it is possible to order t-shirts with our logo. You can buy them with

October, 6, 2013
 My friends, while we weary you with waiting for our album, want to present my personal web-page, where you can listen to my solo works (instrumental mainly)

January, 25, 2013
 Hi all! 2012 was fantastic! Many many great shows! And we move on. One year ago we started a little recording and could not finish with it because of some  problems. Now we are ready to continue and make much more!

Yeah, we start recording a full-length album! We have a lot of ideas, a lot of energy and a lot of good material, which we want to show you.

Album will be recorded in 2 studios and produced by me, your most obedient servant:) Also may be we will invite some of our friends to make the album more interesting and various.

Take care, Alex K. Strangel

August, 25, 2012
My friends after a little summer vacation we are ready to work hand for making you happy:) And for the time being want to present a new video where you can see all last year of working. Also we added new photos from the concerts.


April, 18, 2012
We dreamed to play with them on one stage. And dreams come true.

May, 11 Crimson Cry will play with on support of legendary Royal Hunt on "Mir" concert hall!

Special concert program, best songs! Sea of energy and drive!

Are you ready to Rock!!!


December, 28, 2011
Crimson Cry wish you all success in new year! Keep Rocking!

And we want to present you new photos from the last set

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!


July, 31, 2011
Everything changes in our world. Our views, beliefs, tastes, principles change. All our life changes. And changes didn't skirt Crimson Cry.

I'm so sadly to report these news, but, unfortunately, it's a fact - after more than 4 years of productive work one of our key member, our keyboardist Alex Craft made decision to leave our band.

He made this decision long ago, but I tried to avert this event tooth and nail. It must be happen sooner or later. But he's still going on to help us in work.

I don't see the sense to write all the reasons, which influenced on his decision. Alex came to conclusion that it's necessary to change something. Though we are so sorry that he made this choice. The main thing, I hope that he won't kill his talent and will continue his great career of virtuosic keyboardist.

And we wish him new tops on his musical way with all our hearts.

Crimson Cry and Alex Craft are friends forever!!!


P.S. I think the sustainable question - who will record the keyboards on our new single? I will not answer this question for a while... I don't like to show all cards in advance:)

Take care, Alex K. Strangel.


April, 11, 2011
The Latest shows were fantastic! Guys are perfect - maximum of power. And of course thanks to all, who had come to support us. You are the best!!!

Pictures from the shows you can see in "Photo"

Take care, Alex K. Strangel

December, 22, 2010
And another good news on the eve of Holidays. Recently our band had a photo session with a new line-up. Results of it you can see in "Photo"

Crimson Cry wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New year!!!

November, 21, 2010
So, new the 4-th line-up of Crimson Cry is completed. Today our band is increased by new member. Welcome to our new guitarist - Michael Ice! (Details in "Band" page)

Also in near future many interesting things will take place with our band. Keep an eye on events. We promise that will gladden you with some news!

November, 19, 2010
Another one, as I think, not so joyful new for every of our fans. After more than 2 years of work we have to take leave of our guitarist Vladimir Naumov. Because to some reasons we have come to a conclusion that we can't work together anymore. Nevertheless all this time we was happy to work with Vladimir on the shows, during the recording, etc. We wish him all the best in his music life.
Good luck!

November, 5, 2010
Because of some contingencies and personal problems our drummer Psylence has to leave our band. Unfortunately he played not for a long time and didn't play any shows with us. But his work was very rich and effective. As a result, he made an important contribution on our debut studio work "Paradox People".

Thank you so much, Psylence, for your work and your asset in our music. And thank you for your drum parts in our album. It was a pleasure to work with you.

All of us wish you success in your music and personal life. And we hope that our music ways will cross in future. Good Luck!

Nevertheless we will not search for a new drummer because of one reason - we've found him.

Welcome to our new drumsticks-tamer - Seva PowerMan.

October, 4, 2010
Today is a day of two significant events.

At first today is our Birthday and our first anniversary - 5 years.

And of course the main event of the day - official release of our debut demo-CD "Paradox People"!!! CD is out now!

September, 18, 2010

With pleasure I can say, that we have finished with our debut demo-album "Paradox People".

Album will be released at October, 4 - Band's Birthday

Paradox People
- You Need a Hero
- When I Have Met You
- Fight Till the End